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Emilie Pallos (Creative Director)
Emilie is an L.A. native and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art/Graphic Design from California State University, Los Angeles.

Emilie is principal art director for the firm’s projects and specializes in fine typography and stylish, modern, classic design, in print and online. She believes good design and well-planned marketing strategies increase profits and brand recognition and are vital to long-term success. Consistency in all media (digital, print, environmental) is key.

Depending on the project, Emilie also directs a team of creative pros professionally trained in design, illustration, photography, and copywriting.

Before opening her office in 1997, Emilie was Senior Designer at René Sheret Design, a Pasadena firm specializing in corporate communications. She also collaborated with 2004 AIGA Medal winner James Cross on numerous high-end corporate print design projects, including annual reports for Catellus Development Corporation and ICN Pharmaceuticals.

Emilie's hobbies include visiting art museums, architectural photography, reading and tennis.